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We are ATP Transit, a young company that operates on the transport services market for general or dangerous goods, as full truck load or partial loads/ groupage, with trucks from our own fleet or our partners’ trucks. Globalization has definitively changed the perception of distance, and as a result our fleet crosses over seas and through countries, the most transited being Turkey, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and England.

We benefit from the experience of our mother-company, ATP Exodus Group, that has been activating for over 20 years in the transport domain. This experience is doubled by a dynamic team, able to answer at any time to your requests and always connected to the market’s needs and requests.


Always in motion, but permanently safe. The safety of the transport is one of our strengths. We sustain this need by CMR insurances with values between 100.000 ans 1.000.000 euro for our whole fleet of trucks, and by monitoring the trucks by GPS system, which can be accessed also by the owners of our transport services.

Always in motion, but concerned about the environment. Our fleet with a value of approximately 5,5 million euro is permanently developing by the purchase of new Euro 5 transport units, which are based on the most modern technologies proposed by the vehicle producers, who are preoccupied as well by the reduction of the impact of the pollution on the environment.

Always in motion, but careful to the quality of the services. In every moment of our activity, we behave in a professional and honorable way. The proof of our seriousness and interest in understanding and meeting the customers’ expectations are the long-lasting relationships that we have built, based on respect and involvement.


Our purpose is to create an environment for profitable growth by the development of ethical relationships mutually advantageous with the employees, customers and partners that we have. We aim to provide services of the highest quality, so as to be recognized sa as the best carriers in the industry.

Always in motion, but with team spirit. We are aware that the value of our company is given by the value of the people that form it. We believe that the teamwork assures solidity and we know that a working environment that allows our employees to thrive professionally and personally is essential to our success.

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