Always in motion!

Who are we?

ATP Transit is part of ATP EXODUS Group, a company located in Romania, Baia Mare.

ATP Transit is developing transport services for general goods, FTL or LTL, with a fleet capacity of 6 Mercedes-Benz Actross trucks and 6 mega (3m) trailers (Schwarzmuller), all using EURO 6 technology. Transport safety is one of our strong points. We address this need by acquiring CMR insurance covering the value of 1 200 000 eur for the whole fleet of trucks.

We are ready for every mission!

The trucks are all fully equipped with: security belts, anti-slip mats and corners, enough for all the category of general goods. Also, the trailers are equipped with:

Multilock system

Lifting roof


What we offer?

  • Easy GPS access on our monitoring system – we are using the Transics GPS telematic system.
  • Exact calculation of the route and optimization of the transit time, by using both Translogica soft and Transics system.
  • All of our drivers are being paid in accordance with the specific law in each country (MiLog + Macron).
  • 24/7 availability and support in English language.
  • Promptitude in carrying out your goods and finding solutions for your daily challenges.

Where do we travel?









Czech Republic

Denmark (occasional)

Poland (occasional)

Portugal (occasional)

Sweeden (warm season)

Norway (warm season)

Switzerland (roundtrip)

Great Britain (roudntrip)


We answer questions and offer you advice.

Always in motion!

Contact information


Baia Mare, Săsar
str. Sub Dura nr. 4-5